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Firefall to Get a Huge Update with Launch

Wait, what? Firefall (tag/firefall-gaming-news.html) is still in beta? Read Full Article

What is 1LifeONLINE?

You may not have heard about the new project 1LifeONLINE that has just popped up on Indiegogo. It's from Canadian indie developer (ps3/news/ps-store-to-add-indie-category-this-afternoon-with-some-fresh-deals.html) ShiniGamiCHOP Productions. If you haven’t heard about it I can understand so... Read Full Article

Giving Away 10 Age of Wushu Green Dragon Gift Packs

Some of you might remember one of our previous articles about the MMO title (Massive Multiplayer Online) Age of Wushu (pc-gaming/news/age-of-wushu-now-live.html) The game arrived last month and offered players a free-to-play break from... Read Full Article

Yet Another Giveaway - The Lost Titans. Enter For Your Chance to Win.

One of the newest browser based MMORPG (mmorpg.html)’s to arrive is The Lost Titans. The game intertwines Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology to offer players a unique gaming experience that is Free-to-Play. Even better is... Read Full Article

Black Isle Releasing a Crowd-Funded Apocalypse Game

I'm sure all of you are excited about the impending end of the world, so why not share some extremely appropriate news with you on this special day. In case you don't remember Black Isle... Read Full Article

Activision has the WoW Factor in Profits

While some companies have been announcing struggles with their latest quarterly figures, Activision as a whole seems to be booming. According to recent figures, World of Warcraft (pc-gaming/titles/mists-of-pandaria-first-week-sales-hit-27-million.html) in particular seems to be continuing its reign... Read Full Article

Guild Wars 2 Gets Spooky With Shadow of the Mad King

Guild Wars 2 is looking for gamers to get into the Halloween spirit with its first major content release update. Beginning today and running through Halloween users will be able to take part in a... Read Full Article

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Still on Track for PS3 and PC

While there has been some speculation regarding the fate of the game formally known as Final Fantasy (pc-gaming/videos/new-final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn-trailer.html) XIV 2.0, Square Enix has released a fresh screenshot of the title running on a PS3. If you're... Read Full Article

Sam Raimi No Longer Tied to World of Warcraft Movie

Raimi is citing “scheduling conflicts,” but more likely is attempting to avoid a career-smashing failure (mmorpg/news/guy-with-too-much-spare-time-google-maps-world-of-warcraft.html). Thoughts?   Read Full Article

New Races come to Final Guild Wars 2 Beta

Want to play as a tiny Asura or weird tree-person? Jump into the final beta weekend event for NCsoft’s upcoming MMO (mmorpg/news/guild-wars-2-rated-by-esrb.html).   Read Full Article

KA-POW: Guild Wars 2 Release Date Official

Something special happens this fall—school starts again, the weather gets a chill, and Guild Wars 2 (mmorpg/news/guild-wars-2-rated-by-esrb.html) storms across the MMO landscape.   Read Full Article

Guy with Too Much Spare time Google Maps World of Warcraft

If you’ve ever wanted to see all of WoW (mmorpg/news/world-of-warcraft-isn%E2%80%99t-free-and-won%E2%80%99t-be.html) from the top down, here’s your shot. You know, besides using the game’s actual map.   Read Full Article

Oh Shit: Someone Spilled BioWare’s Beans

In light of poor performance (mmorpg/news/these-aren%E2%80%99t-the-dropped-subscribers-you%E2%80%99re-looking-for.html), the company is looking to make Star Wars: The Old Republic free-to-play. But it’s supposed to be a secret!   Read Full Article

Make Scantily-Clad Women Fight Each Other – For Free

Love boobs but short on cash? Why not jump into TERA (pc-gaming/news/tera-devs-defending-themselves-from-ncsoft-plagarism.html)’s free trial?   Read Full Article

EVE Online is Cheap—Until Midnight

A quick public service announcement for MMO fans and lapsed EVE (mmorpg/news/biggest-scam-in-eve-online-history.html) subscribers: CCP is packing in the deals.   Read Full Article

A Good Recent Horror Game

Horror games are at serious risk of being completely ruined due to bad craftmanship (ps3/news/here%E2%80%99s-why-silent-hill-hd-was-terrible.html), so luckily we have a hand from the heavens (or Norway) to show us how it's done. Read Full Article

Bioware Force Pushes 200 Employees Out the Door

Star Wars: The Old Republic is losing subscribers (mmorpg/news/these-aren%E2%80%99t-the-dropped-subscribers-you%E2%80%99re-looking-for.html). It’s also losing employees, starting now.   Read Full Article

Elder Scrolls Online Lets You Go it Alone

ZeniMax Online tries to put out some of the rage fires lit by fans regarding its upcoming TES MMO (pc-gaming/news/rejoice-nerds-elder-scrolls-online-is-real.html). Not sure if it worked.   Read Full Article

Tribes Ascend Skis to Victory

The free-to-play title (pc-gaming/news/tribes-ascend-dev-blames-multiplatform-development-for-death-of-dexterity.html) based on sliding around a map uncontrollably and shooting other people in the face is doing quite well, thank you.   Read Full Article

Free Lightsabers and Boring Quests for Everyone!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Star Wars: The Old Republic, now’s the time. You know, before it goes free-to-play (mmorpg/news/these-aren%E2%80%99t-the-dropped-subscribers-you%E2%80%99re-looking-for.html).   Read Full Article

Here Are the Panda Dances No One Wanted to See

As the months go on, Mists of Pandaria (mmorpg/tutorials/pov-is-mists-of-pandaria-the-end-of-wow.html) becomes less of a cruel joke and more of a horrible reality. Celebrate WoW’s fall with panda dances.   Read Full Article

PoV: The MMO Method for Securing Your Money

Bethesda is getting a lot of attention for its Elder Scrolls Online reveal (pc-gaming/news/rejoice-nerds-elder-scrolls-online-is-real.html). But MMOs are just the industry’s current golden ticket.   Read Full Article

Elder Scrolls Online Trailer Reveals Nothing About Elder Scrolls Online

With news of an Elder Scrolls MMO (pc-gaming/news/rejoice-nerds-elder-scrolls-online-is-real.html) officially blazing across the web, it’s time for Bethesda to drop the game’s first trailer. And lo, how vague it is.   Read Full Article

People Actually Play Battlestar Galactica Online

Ten million of them, in fact. And Bigpoint is ready to celebrate (pc-gaming/news/bigpoint-company-wants-ea-and-ubisoft-to-offer-something-to-help.html), freemium style.   Read Full Article

Announcing Our Soul of the Aspects Winners

Three awesome readers scored free Soul of the Aspects WoW pets (mmorpg/news/exclusive-giveaway-soul-of-the-aspects.html) today. Check it out!   Read Full Article

Exclusive Giveaway: Soul of the Aspects

Want to get your hands on World of Warcraft (mmorpg/news/blizzard%E2%80%99s-panda-gate.html)’s new Soul of the Aspects pet? We’re giving a few away to some lucky readers!   Read Full Article

Nexon Wants to Own the World

The Korean company behind MapleStory (mmorpg/news/maplestory-hacked-to-the-tune-of-13-million-accounts.html) has its eye on Battlefield, SWTOR and Medal of Honor. Wait, seriously?   Read Full Article

These Aren’t the Dropped Subscribers You’re Looking For

BioWare lets everyone know that people aren’t dumping their SWTOR subscriptions (mmorpg/news/snag-a-tauntaun-to-celebrate-swtor-12.html)—they’re just not playing the game anymore.   Read Full Article

Paying for Fake Stuff: People Love It

Why pay your bills, save money or take your lady out to dinner when there are digital swords to purchase? F2P is going off (mmorpg/news/soe-loves-free-to-play.html) right now.   Read Full Article

SOE Loves Free-to-Play

EverQuest’s F2P experiment (pc-gaming/news/everquest-goes-free.html) is going incredibly well. In other news, people still play EverQuest.   Read Full Article

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